You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve heard the word on the street. So what exactly is this “vanlife” you hear about? Well quite simply it is people taking a different direction in career or lifestyle, against the norms, and choosing to live a life on the road.image

You have the OG Van-Dwellers who work full-time jobs in an office or on-location who choose to live a simple, mostly minimalist life away from the ridiculous expensive rents they were once slaves to. They tend to stay in their city from Monday to Friday and mostly escape on the weekends.

There are the Weekend Bandits who are not full-timers, though some of them like you to think they are 😉. They, like the rest of us, love to go on road trips to epic places across the country and love the idea of having a cool decked out tiny home on wheels.

Then there are the Travelling Van-Dwellers. Those who enjoy having a tiny home on wheels where they can save time in traffic and go wherever they please, whenever they please. Mostly waking up in a new place every few days. Usually they are digital nomads, or just look for work wherever they find themselves or they’ve saved up a bunch and are now living the life they’ve always dreamt about.

Whichever spectrum you find yourself on the vanlife meter, be grateful you’ve found yourself here. Not many people can do it. The vanlife is a more simple way of living. Not caring about stigmas attached to your lifestyle. Learning to not give a fuck about what people think. Cutting down on the junk you collect. Spending less time in traffic and finding more time to read, write or binge on Netflix and Podcasts. If you’re a slight germaphobe like me, clocking in two gym sessions a day, hey a girl’s gotta earn her shower. Mindfully eating healthy, wholesome food (well most of us). And one of the best benefits is being a part of the vanlife community; meeting many like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off, inspire or mentor one another and socialize every full moon. (Hey, I didn’t say we were all completely sane.)


If you think you can benefit in some way by living The Simple Vanlife.. I encourage you to try it, what do you have to lose? Though please remember to always plan ahead, in terms of unexpected costs associated with driving your beast long distances frequently, and know that expectations are rarely ever fulfilled. You may pop two tires within one month, or your transmission can completely fail. You may not reach the bathroom in time on occasion and may need to eat a couple cans of cold soup from time to time. But, you have a home on freaking wheels!! The opportunities are endless. So go against the grain. You no longer have to wait to buy your first home! Shift your paradigm. You alone have the ability to envision and live a glorious life beyond your current reality. Let that simmer. ✌🏽💛


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