HOW TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE Top 10 Things I do to keep it seriously simple 💋 1. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place – The Basics… have a specific spot to store your things. A hook by the door to hang your keys, a draw for all electronics and loose cords etc […]

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The Big Band goes to Baja!

As I awoke that morning, I stood outside my van and couldn’t believe my eyes.. We scored BIG TIME!! It was my first official roadtrip with fellow vanlifers. Thanksgiving 2017. I had been going through a rough patch with an incident in early November, followed by the death of a close friend the very next […]

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Say NO to Plastic! #PayItForward

Listen up! I want to start a #PayItForward Movement. I design and paint bags to remind others of where their trash can end up, the Ocean! Via Donation (To help pay for art supplies – Venmo @thesimplevanlife), I will be handing out ‘KAI et OLA’ Tote bags, on your behalf, to help educate people and […]

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One of the reasons I decided to move into a van was because I felt everything in my life was just piling up and it was becoming far too overwhelming and too difficult to manage when most of the times I just wanted to run off and travel the World whenever I felt like it. […]



You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve heard the word on the street. So what exactly is this “vanlife” you hear about? Well quite simply it is people taking a different direction in career or lifestyle, against the norms, and choosing to live a life on the road. You have the OG Van-Dwellers who work full-time jobs […]

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